Copy work Intro

What exactly is copy work?  Copy work is more than just a handwriting exercise.  It is used to not only improve penmanship but to also build character by exposing the student to high quality quotes as well as different types of writing.  Over time, the students handwriting improves as well as spelling, grammar and punctuation, and thoughts begin to deepen.  This is a much better way of learning to write rather than just copying down the same letter over and over again or just writing down words.

When a child is first beginning to write, they should first trace the quotes.  After the child has begun to be a more independent writer, they should then copy the quotes onto the paper without tracing.  The lines could be copied from a book, a website, historical document, religious text, or even dictated as it is read aloud.  Be sure to check afterword so the child does not get into bad spelling or grammar habits without being guided to fix them.

Students tend to enjoy copywriting more and are able to learn about different subjects at the same time.  All copywriting lessons should be kept short, usually under 5-10 minutes a day.

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