Limerick poetry

The next type of poetry in our installment is Limerick.  Hopefully at this point your students are learning how much fun poetry can be.  It's not just for sappy love birds!


The next planet on our list, Venus.  Once again, I have an easy version and a tougher version for the older kids.


I am starting a new project for science.  The kids not only made the solar system hats, but now are learning all about each planet. They will have their own little booklet by the end.  I also have included some videos the kids can watch about Mercury:

There is a tougher version for the older kids as well as an easy read for the younger kids.  Here is the first installment, Mercury, the closest planet to the sun.

Audrey Hepburn Copywork

Audrey Hepburn is probably a name your kids don't know yet so you may have to do a little teaching about her.  Whether or not you choose to, she had some wise things to say in her time.

6s Multiplication Maze

Here is another maze for you.  Hopefully they are helping to make multiplication fun for the kids.  Include the following video for a little more fun:

Diamante poetry

Here is another type of poetry for you.  By now, you should have quite the list of poetry written by your little one(s).  Maybe even enough for your own little book to share with family and friends.

Cinquain poetry

This is a fun type of poetry that is really easy to get creative with and doesn't take much time.  I like to encourage my kids to think outside the box on this and see how original they can get.