Classical Music Education

Music is a big part of our lives.  In this house, we LOVE music and have it on pretty much all the time.  We have found that the different types of music we listen to greatly effect how well the kids do on their school work as well as their behavior.  Studies have also shown a great improvement in education when classical music is played.  I also consider learning about classical music to be very important in my kids education.  

One day a week, we learn about a new composure and listen to his music.  I print off this worksheet for the kids and have them lie down on their backs and close their eyes while listening to the music.  They can completely relax and let their imaginations go wild.  

After the music is over, I hand them each this worksheet and they get to draw and write about how the music makes them feel and what they thought about while listening.  All my kids look forward to this each week and you wouldn't believe what they remember afterward.  We will hear the music in stores or various other places and they immediately start talking about what the music is and all about the composer.  The information can be easily found online or in books.  We like to use a book called, "The Story of the Orchestra" by Robert Levine.  This book comes with a CD with the music and explains not only the composures but the orchestra as well.  We bought this book years ago and still enjoy it (and no, I don't get anything in return for mentioning this book).  There are many other titles available or you can find the info for free online.  Whatever works best for you.

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