North America

We are starting something new for Geography this year.  My kids love to study the countries.  They each have a notebook used just for Geography.  I print off the worksheets and they cut out the countries and glue them onto the continent.  It is really hands on and helps them remember where each country goes.  Then they can glue the flags on and either glue on the info from the worksheets or take their own notes and write on the pages.  The younger ones tend to glue while the olders tend to like to take notes and continue to research their favorite countries.  We like to add in music from that country in the background and make traditional recipes from each country as we go.  By the end, the kids have some awesome work to show off and lots of recipes to make.  We also have a wall in our homeschool room that we use to hang up interesting images of the countries as well as a large flag that the kids usually make.  We usually take a full week for each country in order to fit everything in.  This is always a favorite of all my kids.

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